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This edition of The Wild Woman Magazine is dedicated to any woman who has walked through hell,  come out battered and weary but strong enough to fight another day. These pages are drenched in courage and set ablaze with hope.

Most of us have experienced the heartache of walking in a barren season. Seasons of creative or relational drought can cloud our ability to dream, risk or love the way we were created to. In some of my darkest hours, what pulled me through was seeing and hearing the victory of someone else’s story. To bring hope in seasons of unfathomable pain or impossible challenges is one of the greatest gifts bestowed to us as human. The most incredible thing about this gift is that we all hold the secret to its power.


The secret to this gift is revealed in the stories of the pages to come. It’s revealed in the strength of a cancer patient fighting for others in the height of her battle. It shows up in the stories of redemption, forgiveness, and rebirth from women who have experienced the hell that comes with brokenness and the victory that comes with facing their darkness. The secret I’m talking about is the grit, gumption, and courage that comes with showing up as yourself in life. As I sat down and read every one of these stories I wept, not because I was sad, but because these words needed to be written and released into the world. They were purposed for your eyes and your heart, so make the most of them.

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