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Sometimes we think being wild and courageous is a constant state of bold, crazy life decisions and risks. But the truth is...

who we are:

We are no one special and we're absolutely fabulous! What do we mean?

We're a team of ordinary women who have chosen to say YES to the dreams and destiny set before us, even when it's really hard. We struggle with insecurities and feeling like we are not enough (and too much) all at once. There are days we want to give up, and hours that we actually do. We've all faced tremendous hardships and even greater victory.

We know what it means to love and be loved. And we know what it means to hurt and be hurt. We're hot messes one day and on fire the next. We are moms and wives and entrepreneurs and pioneers.

We all know what it means to have it all and lose it all. We are you, your sister, your mom, your neighbor, your best friend. We're ordinary women fed up with living lives of fear and scarcity. We truly believe that nothing is impossible and we try and sometimes fail to live lives that reflect that.

Who are we? We are wild women on a mission to help you realize that you're one too.

When you know who you are and what you have, nothing is impossible.

why we are:

Women need women. We do. A lot of times we don't like to admit it because we've been hurt or we're insecure or jealous, but the bottom line is we desperately need the authentic versions of each other.

We need to see the real behind the journey. There is power in owning and telling our stories and there is power in hearing and reading the stories of women just like us who have dared to say yes to living the life they were created for. We don't just think this is true, we know it as a fact and we've seen it played out in real life!

Working with women for years in all different capacities, from business and ministry to coaching and just being friends, we have seen the story of an ordinary woman spark a flame in a crowd of 100+. We have experienced the freedom that comes when we are secure enough in who we are to open up and be vulnerable, and we want you to experience that same thing!

Our goal is not to show you pretty pictures of what you don't have or showcase the lives of women you could never be. Our vision is to inspire you and even give you tools to boldly go after your dreams, better marriages, deep friendships, health, and wholeness. 

It takes grit to be a Wild Woman. You have it, let us help you unleash it!



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